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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bunker renovation 2016 - eighth hole fairway bunker

Eighth hole fairway bunker

Bulldozer crossing the eighth fairway

Roughing out the bunker

Taking shape

Installing the drainage

Cutting in the edge

Almost complete cutting in the edge

Green side up!!!!

Surrounds sodded

Sunday, November 29, 2015

15 Tee renovation

Before pictures of the 15 forward tee

The existing tee was layed out in a manner that the left side of the forward tee was in the landing area of a slightly errent shot from the 16th tee. The new tee will reorient the layout of the tee more perpendicular with the hole closer to the cart path and out of harms way. 

Stripping the sod off of the forward tee

Turf bring stripped from the tee surrounds 

Site is stripped and ready for the bulldozer 

Starting to add soil to enlarge the back tee 

Sub soil in place for the back tee (21 trailer loads)

Forward tee subsoil spread out to form new layout 

Top soil being spead on the back tee by the golf course staff 

Tee mix being delivered to the forward tee

Mix being spread by a bulldozer on the forward tee

 Sod being delivered to the back tee

Sod being laid on the back tee

Finishing the back tee surface with ultra dwarf blue grass 

Forward tee soil spead and leveled 

Starting to lay sod on the forward tee

Nearing completion of the tee surface

Starting the surround of the back tee with turf type tall fescue 

Back tee is nearly completed

Getting ready to install irrigation 

Installing irrigation on the back tee

Trench cut for the irrigation on the forward tee

Installing irrigation on the back of of the forward tee

With the irrigation completed the surround can be sodded

Sod being stapled on the slope to ensure the sod stays in place prior to rooting

View of the completed tee from the 14th green

Thanks to the staff of the golf maintenance department for their hard work in doing this project in house, 360 golf, and Stephen Kay- Golf Course Architect 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Driving Range Tee Expansion

Stripping the sod from the existing 4200 square foot driving range tee.

After the top soil is stockpiled, the subsoil  is bulldozed to create a 10,500 square foot practice tee. 

Sub soil base is ready for the tee mix and top soil surrounds.

Building a form for the driving range artificial turf. Compacting crushed concrete and stone dust for a firm and level base for the mat.

Sod rolls being installed

Tee surface completed and being irrigated 

Checking the pitch of the drainage trench with a smart tool

Tee surrounds being sodded with turf type tall fescue

All done....... Great job by the Rossmoor Golf Course Maintenance staff.

Monday, October 20, 2014

5th Back Tee Expansion

Bentgrass sod being laid.

Nearing completion on the new 1000 square foot tee surface

Starting to sod the surrounds

Completed tee and surrounds